Graphic Design

Here are a few of our completed items for clients or just for ourselves

YouTube Intro video for ShadowVerse Gaming (SvG) Part 1
YouTube Intro video for ShadowVerseGaming (SvG) Part 2
DJ/Producer Introduction for Resurrekt

These are “test renders”. It’s basically us practicing with different physics simulations and lighting results. They may not mean much, but we still find them interesting to look at!

Morphing ball bearing under changing lights
Fire & Smoke Simulation
Dropping leather onto a ball bearing (Cloth Sim)
Water in a weird marble room! Side on view
Water in a weird marble room again. Angled view
The ball bearing smashing through a tower of blocks
A seamlessly looping sci-fi tube!

Here are some of our image renders, nothing too fancy, just stills

A galaxy

Random space mountains!

Bedroom with LED light tubes
Cheddar Gorge… In a glass sphere!