This is me, Alex.

Hello and thanks for stopping by. We are Irex Studios, a local photography, videography, and design service in Somerset. We do a range of things such as portraits, modelling, product, and vehicle photography as well as videography* and graphic design/brand refreshes. We have some specialised equipment including a drone, 360 camera, a gimbal, and all the trimmings you’d expect of a photographer and videographer.

We use the latest in Adobe software as well as Blender to produce and edit items for our clients and run it all on a custom-built powerhouse computer which we lovingly call the Lumios 2. It may not mean a lot to some of you, but we utilise RTX technology for renders to get a nice crisp looking final result, sometimes even photorealistic.

*videography is not currently our strong point, so at the moment, we are asking you to kindly forgive the quality of work, and as such, we are discounting this service.

It’s nice to show off!